Do You Want a Business Career Without 4 Years Of College?

Business Careers

If you want a business career but can’t imagine spending four long years and heaps of money before getting your foot in the door, there are alternatives. Businesses don’t just need Presidents and CEOs. They also need people who are competent, professional and willing to work hard for a common goal. Does that sound like you? Here are 4 business careers that don’t require a college degree:

Executive Assistant: The Presidents and CEOs who run businesses couldn’t do their jobs without a whole team of people. And topping the list of workers they rely on most are the Executive Assistants who provide high level administrative support. As an Executive Assistant, you’d do a whole lot more than just answer phones, take messages and schedule appointments. You would need to know the ins and outs of the whole business and understand who gets to see the boss right away and who shouldn’t be allowed in at all. You’d be a gatekeeper to people in positions of power. You’d also help prepare documents and reports, maintain files and databases, and keep the whole office running smoothly.

Bookkeeper: No business can run well if there isn’t someone managing the money that comes in and goes out. If you’re good with numbers and really well-organized, you could build a business career as a bookkeeper. In a small business, you might receive direct payments, pay vendors and record the transactions. In larger companies, you might be in charge of a single department, posting financial transactions into databases, reconciling accounts and producing financial reports.

Office Manager: If you built your business career as an office manager, you’d have a lot of responsibility. You’d keep the office running well and all its personnel. Are you able to prioritize tasks? Are you a natural leader? Those are just two of the traits of a good office manager. You’d also need to be honest, mature and flexible. You’d need to have a positive attitude, a good understanding of people, and the ability to help people work together as a team.

Human Resource Assistant: Human Resource departments shape the practices, policies and procedures that employees follow within an organization. Assistants help directors and managers perform the tasks of their department. As an HR Assistant, you might help prepare packages for new hires or explain benefits to them. Some assistants are assigned a single area on which they can focus. You might be a Safety Coordinator, making certain that everyone knows what to do in case of emergencies. Or you might be a Training Assistant, helping employees to understand the company’s operations or to learn new policies.

Business careers are not just for people with MBAs. If you’d like to learn the skills that will help you understand the business world, check out the programs at Career Quest Learning Centers. You could earn your Associate Degree in Business Administration in as little as 15 months or complete our Administrative Assistant Program in just 8 months. Give us a call in Lansing at 877-481-4930 or Jackson at 877-365-8144 to learn more now.



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