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It’s great to land that job interview. But admit it: it’s also pretty scary. What will you say? How will you prepare? What will you wear?

At Career Quest Learning Centers, we’ve got you covered. Last month we brought in actual companies that know how to hire. Representatives from Residential Options, Sparrow Health System, Eaton County Health and Rehabilitation Services, Citizens Bank, and the Robert Half Company Office Team conducted mock interviews at our Jackson campus.

“The interviews were a great opportunity for students to practice answering the kinds of questions they might actually encounter in a concise and accurate way,” said Director of Career Services Michelle Hier. “We want our graduates to be 100 percent prepared for their job interviews so they make a good impression.”

According to Michelle, the students were given constructive criticism so they could hone their skills and be ready for a real interview. Most importantly, they got practice so they’d know what they might expect from a hiring manager –and themselves.

Another highlight of the Career Event was the afternoon’s fashion show. Career Services spent the last couple of months collecting gently used professional clothing. The fashion show let everyone see all the great outfits that were donated by faculty, staff and members of the community. Students can now browse from two “closets,” one for men and one for women, when they’re headed to an interview.

“And the clothing is theirs to keep,” said Michelle. “They can use it for the interview, and keep it for when they get the job. And then maybe they’ll choose to donate it back when they’re successful and want to pay it forward.”

At Career Quest Learning Centers, we know great training is only part of what you’ll need to succeed in your new career. That’s why we take a holistic approach to your education. Instructors who are professionals from the field teach you the skills you’ll need in your career and also what will be expected of you in a real world setting. And then members of our Career Services Department help you build your resume and your professional portfolio. We’ll even give you advice on how to dress! If you’re ready to move from “just a job” to a real career, give us a call in Jackson at 877-365-8144 or Lansing at 877-481-4930 to get started now.


"I thought, why not go back to school and be able to help a family, give them that comfort that I received?"


"I want to know who I am in this world and what difference I can make.”