Some of the Responsibilities You'll Have as a Computer Technician

Computer Technician Career

Admit it. You turn on your computer, hop on the internet or click on an app and you expect you’ll get the exact kind of information or experience that you had the last time you powered up. You take it for granted that everything will just work. But what if it doesn’t?

Even without IT training, maybe you’re the type of person who already knows a little bit about troubleshooting technology so it’s no big deal. But for millions of people, when something goes wrong with their computer, they panic! Could you be the one to help them?

Here are some of the responsibilities you would have as a computer technician:

Install computers, networks and systems. You would configure and connect computers to their networks. You might go to an office and connect employee computers to their company’s server. Or you could help residents get their home computers up and running and connected to the modem that connects them to the internet.

Connect peripheral equipment and install software. Whether you’re downloading printer software, running cables or setting up wireless systems, you’d need to make certain that all external equipment is properly connected. You’d also need to install appropriate software and might be called on when new versions, updates or patches are rolled out.

Set up security measures. You’ve heard the stories about security breaches and identity thefts. As a computer technician, you’d make certain computers have safety features in place to help ensure that their users don’t lose valuable information. You might set up firewalls, install anti-virus software, or conduct regular security updates.

Train users on their technology. From the very basics of how to operate a single computer to more sophisticated lessons about servers and mainframes, as a computer technician you would be responsible to teach people how to use technology effectively. It may be something as simple as instructing employees on how to use their company’s email. Or you might find yourself explaining a server’s capacity to the people in charge.

If you’ve always been fascinated by computers, maybe a career as a computer technician would be right for you. At Career Quest Learning Centers, our Network Administration Diploma or Associate Degree Programs can set you on your way. Give us a call at our Lansing campus at 877-481-4930 or at our Jackson campus at 877-365-8144 to learn more now.



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