Does Tax Season Make You Think of Accounting Careers?

Accounting Careers

It’s that time of year again. Time to pull together tax forms like W2s, 1098s and 1099s. Time to gather your receipts for medical/dental expenses and charitable contributions. It’s tax time!

Do you do your own taxes or use professional accounting services? Either way, you probably understand that this is a crazy busy time of year for accountants and the professionals who assist them. There are more than a million accountants and auditors working in the U.S. and they often have a strong support staff.1 How would you like to be on their team? Or maybe you would rather work in a business all year long, helping to keep the books straight so when tax time comes, your company will be prepared.

Here are 3 careers to consider:

Bookkeeper:  As a bookkeeper, you’d keep track of financial transactions. You’d receive and record payments and pay vendors. Using bookkeeping software like QuickBooks, you’d make certain that every account received its proper credit or debit. You might also reconcile bank statements and balance sheets and produce reports to help your boss have a clear financial picture of the company. Above all, you would need to be accurate. All those numbers you would deal with every day represent actual money!

Payroll Processor:  You probably know from your own experience how important paychecks are. It’s really important that they’re accurate and timely. As a payroll processor, you would enter employee information into your company’s payroll system and track time and pay. You would need to understand payroll taxes like Federal, State, City, Medicare and Social Security, and other payroll deductions like health benefits and retirement accounts. Your attention to detail will make sure that people get paid what they deserve and your respect for confidentiality will make certain employee privacy is protected.

Accounting Assistant: Remember those busy accountants? They could use your help! Before they can prepare tax returns, they receive accounting files from companies –and someone at those companies has organized it all. As an accounting assistant, you’d perform accounting tasks all year long. Keeping track of income and expenses and entering all the information into your company’s database might be your primary responsibility. But at larger companies you could focus on just one area, like accounts payable, accounts receivable or purchasing. Whatever your department, you’d help to pull statements and reports to hand over to the professionals who will prepare and file tax returns.

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