What Kind of Healthcare Programs Will Make You Happy?

Healthcare Careers for You

If you’re thinking about a healthcare career, you’ll want to research the kinds of healthcare programs that will provide you with the skills and training you need. But you’ll also want one that’s a good fit to the way you learn. Here are some factors to consider:

Will it fit into my life? You’re probably pretty busy and may not have time to spend hours on end sitting in classroom lectures. Investigate healthcare programs that offer flexible schedules and take advantage of online course delivery. Wouldn’t it be great to spend only part of your time on campus and the rest off campus, learning in a time and place that’s most convenient to your life? A blended learning program might be just what you need.

Is it hands on? Some things you just can’t learn from books and lectures alone. For example, if you’re hoping to become a phlebotomist, you’ll need hands-on training to learn how to properly draw blood. If you want to be a medical assistant, you want some in-person direction on how to work with patients and perform medical tests.

Are the instructors knowledgeable and helpful? The people who teach you should have plenty of experience doing the job you’ll do. It’s one thing to tell you how something should happen; it’s another thing entirely to speak from real experiences to all the what-ifs that actually do happen. You’ll also want to learn from people who care about your success.

Can I get extra help? Those helpful instructors may be the first place you go for extra help, but you’ll also want to make sure the program you choose has additional resources. Tutors can help you understand assignments and prep for exams. Advisors can help you transition into your program and introduce you to all that’s available at your school.

Will I have a chance to gain real world experience? A career in healthcare is all about working with people so you’ll want the chance to do that before you graduate. Real world experience in a clinical setting will help you practice what you’ve learned in the classroom. It will give you some patient facetime and also allow you to see other healthcare professionals in action.

Will they help my job search? Once you have the training and a bit of experience, how are you going to find that first job in healthcare? Choose a program with a strong career services department that can teach you how to navigate the ins and outs of your job search. They should help you build your professional portfolio and host career events with activities like dress-for-success demonstrations and mock interviews.

If you’re searching for healthcare programs that will make you happy, take a look at all Career Quest Learning Centers has to offer. We have programs in Medical Assistant, Medical Office Administration, Medical Billing and Coding, Ophthalmic Assistant, Certified Nurse Aide, Patient Care Technician and Phlebotomy Technician. Give us a call in Jackson at 877-365-8144 or in Lansing at 877-481-4930 to find out more now.


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