Healthcare Jobs: Are These Options Right for You?

Healthcare Jobs

If you’ve ever been to a Michigan hospital, you’ve probably had the opportunity to see some of the dedicated professionals who work in healthcare jobs. But have you ever thought about their careers for yourself? Check out a few healthcare careers you might want to consider:

Medical Assistant: As a Medical Assistant, you would have lots of direct patient interaction. You might work a front desk, greeting patients, taking medical histories and entering data into a computer. Or you could measure vital signs, prepare patients for procedures and provide them with their medications. In either case, you’d be on the frontlines of the healthcare industry. You’d be a valued member of a healthcare team and important person in the lives of the patients you serve.

And did you know that medical assistants expect to see much faster than average job growth through 2024?1 That’s probably because an aging population, coupled with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act have meant more people use healthcare services than ever before.

Phlebotomist: If you became a phlebotomist, you would create sterile environments and draw patient blood for tests and treatments. It would be essential to follow strict guidelines to properly handle and label samples. Your skills with medical instruments, like syringes, tourniquets, and collection vials, would only be part of your job. Another important role you’d play would be to calm patients who might be scared of medical procedures and to help them understand what you’re doing. Phlebotomists also expect to see a whopping 25 percent job growth through 2024.2

Medical Billing & Coding Specialist: If you don’t necessarily want to be involved with patient treatment but still want to be part of the 3 trillion dollar healthcare industry,3 billing & coding might be right for you. Every time a patient enters a healthcare facility, you could help ensure that all their data is accurate and that providers get paid by insurance for their services.

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