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Angela Horstman Named Student of the Month for Lansing Campus

Angela Horstman was selected as the June Student of the Month for the Career Quest Learning Center (CQLC) campus in Lansing. A working mother studying to be a medical assistant, Horstman always maintains a positive attitude and work ethic.

“Angela believes in helping out her fellow classmates by willingly sharing notes and helping them to learn along with her,” said CQLC Medical Instructor Nickcole Oakley. “She always arrives early, stays late and exemplifies professionalism within the class She will be a tremendous addition to any medical office.”

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“I tried community college and it was not for me; I was just overwhelmed. I learn better in small groups. At Career Quest, it was almost like a family. Everyone’s willing to help one another and the teachers are awesome. I’ll be sad to leave!” 


"I 100% know that I wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for my experience and training at Career Quest."