These 5 Resume Writing Tips Will Help You Land the Interview

Resume Tips

Your resume should be all about you and your accomplishments, right? Not exactly. Find out what you might be doing wrong and how these 5 resume writing tips could help you land the interview:

It’s not just about you: If you want to build a resume that will land you the interview that could actually get you hired, you need to make your resume all about that employer you’re trying to impress. Put their needs first. What are they looking for in a future employee and how will you fit the bill?

Customize it: Your resume starts as a skeleton of your education, career training, experience and skills. Use this foundation as the beginning and then take information from the job and the company to customize your resume. The closer you align what you have to offer to what the company is looking for, the more likely you’ll be called in for that interview.

Use keywords: Do you know what an application tracking system is? It’s computer software designed to pair resumes with job listings. And if your resume isn’t a good enough match to the job you’re seeking, it’ll get tossed long before a human ever gets to see it. Pull keywords from the job posting and put them in your resume, right at the beginning where a computer will quickly find them. For example, if you’re looking for a job as a paralegal, and the ad seeks a self-starter with fine attention to detail, make sure your resume includes examples of your accuracy, initiative and follow through.

Personalize it: Once you’ve beaten the computer, it’s on to the company and its people. Do lots of research on the company, its mission statement and its way of doing business. Then, find out who in the company does the hiring. But be careful, it’s not good enough to shoot only for the top. You and your resume may need to get by an administrative assistant or recruiter before you make it to the hiring manager. Make sure you meet the minimum requirements of the position and consider transferable skills that everyone can relate to.

Differentiate yourself: Most hiring managers look at hundreds of resumes before they find the few that belong to the people they’d consider hiring. How are you—and your resume—going to stand out? Don’t rely on gimmicks of fancy fonts and funky formatting. Instead, think of actions and accomplishments. What are you really proud of?

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