Back to School: Adult Learners on the Rise in American Classrooms

Adult learners at Career Quest Learning Centers

Adult learners are heading back to school in droves. Students over 25 years old made up almost half of part-time enrollment at public four year institutions, and at two-year career schools, they represented a whopping 64 percent of the students in 2013.1

Have you thought about furthering your own education? If you’re like the millions of other adults seeking higher education, you understand its benefits and want to get on board. Here’s why so many others are heading back to school:

Career Switch: One of the key reasons you might consider going back to school is to pursue a different career path. Maybe you’ve worked in food service or retail your whole life, and you believe you deserve something more. Healthcare and Information Technology are both multi-trillion dollar industries with plenty of opportunities for employment and career growth2/3 –if you have the right training.

Career Advancement: If you love the career you’re in but think some additional skills could help you really excel, you’re right! Did you know that people who have more than a high school diploma or GED are more likely to find employment and earn more money over the span of their careers?4 So if you already work in an office, why not consider an Associate Degree in Business Administration to attain more in-depth knowledge of businesses and how they run? The more you know, the more you’ll be an asset to your current and future employers.

Technology Knowledge: It doesn’t matter what career path you choose, technology will be a part of it. When you understand a little bit about how computers work and the software that most businesses use, you’ll increase your marketability and gain a competitive edge. Programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, are standards used in American businesses. You’ll want to know them all. When a potential employer asks: Can you create a PowerPoint presentation? Your response could get you hired!

A Great Example: Another reason people head back to school is to set a great example to their loved ones. Whether you want to show your spouse you’re willing to work hard to help support the family, or you want your kids to know the value of education, what you do matters. Higher education is its own reward –at any age.

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