How Will Business Programs Boost your Career Prospects?

Business Programs Associate Degree

Have you started to look into business programs to help advance your career? That’s fantastic! The more education you have, the more likely you’ll find employment and higher wages. Check out why the know-how and networking techniques you could learn in business programs will help boost your career prospects:


·         Fundamentals: A solid knowledge base about organizational behavior helps you speak the same “language” as other business professionals. Along with the basics, you’ll learn about common challenges and obstacles and what helps a business succeed.

·         Accounting & Finance: Every business needs to know whether or not it is financially sound. Programs that teach you about accounting, payroll, taxes, and financial planning could help you become an important asset to any company.

·         Human Resources: A company is only as good as the people it employs. That’s why it’s so helpful for you to understand about employee recruitment, training, benefits, and conflict resolution.

·         Project Management: Do you know the four steps to effective project management? They are: Initiate, Plan, Execute, and Close. But a really good business program will also teach you the value of looking back at what you’ve done to see what you could do even better.

·         Technology: Computer programs like QuickBooks and Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, are invaluable tools in the modern business world. You need to be familiar with these and other industry-specific programs and databases if you’re going to excel in your career

·         Experience: Classroom knowledge is great. But do you know what’s even better? Taking all those lessons out into the real work through an externship. If your program doesn’t offer an opportunity for some hands-on experience, find one that does!

Motivation is everything. You can do the work of two people, but you can't be two people. Instead, you have to inspire the next guy down the line and get him to inspire his people.

-Lee Iacocca


·         Instructors and peers: Even before you complete your business program, you can start to network. Your instructor has an abundance of knowledge and experience to share with you. They can also introduce you to people in your field. They can even write a recommendation for you! And don’t neglect that student sharing your online portal or sitting next to you in class. One day, they could sit beside you in an office.

·         Professionals: Whether you’re on externship, working at a part time job while studying, or entering the first job of your new career, you need to network. Professionals from the industry can show you the ropes and introduce you to other business professionals. You might even consider asking someone to be your mentor. One-on-one time with someone who knows more than you is another way to learn.

·         Groups and Businesses: You can join professional organizations while you’re still in your business program. Ask your instructor which ones make the most sense for where you want to take your career. The connections you make now could last a lifetime.

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