These are the 5 Skills you Need to Compete in the Workplace

Business Career Training

You have solid career training and a passion for your new career, but do you have the 5 skills that you’ll need to compete in today’s workplace? Check them out now:

Work Ethic

You can rise above the competition with a great work ethic. Come in a little early, stay a little late, and never shy away from a challenge. Do your job and do it really well, paying close attention to the details and following through on whatever you say you’re going to accomplish. Your employer will notice your all-out effort for the company and reward you for it.


You could have the best ideas in the world, but if you can’t communicate them effectively, who would know? The ability to communicate well consistently ranks at the top of the list for what hiring managers look for in new employees. When you listen and speak well, you can understand tasks and explain how you accomplished them. Your colleagues and your bosses will note your capabilities and all that you do.

Positive Attitude

A can-do, pleasant attitude will give you the chance at a better a career –and a better life. Companies want positive team players, who take on challenges and overcome obstacles with optimism. Does this sound like you? If you’re the type of person who can get others on board to a good idea by your sheer enthusiasm, you’re someone a company would want on their staff. 

Computer Literacy

Your ability to understand and use computer software specific to your industry is vital to your long term career success. When you use technology to its potential, you can create efficiencies and increase your workflow and productivity. You’ll run circles around your competition!

Critical Thinking

Do you generally accept what you hear and read, or do you ask questions to discover whether it’s accurate? Critical thinking means you look at problems from every angle. You ask lots of questions and dig deeply to detect patterns and similarities to solutions you already know. When you can’t make easy connections, you come up with new ones. Critical thinking isn’t just what bosses want in their employees; it’s also what they look for in future leaders!

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