What You Need to Learn in Your Paralegal Training

Become a Paralegal

A great courtroom drama can keep you on the edge of your seat as all the puzzle pieces of a case come together to reach that climatic finish. But have you ever dreamed of being a part of it all? Paralegal training can help you learn and build the skills you’ll need to work in the legal field. Here’s what you need to learn in your paralegal program:

The fundamentals of the American Legal system: You’ll learn why the U.S. Constitution is at the foundation of our legal system. You’ll learn about specific types of civil and criminal law, such as bankruptcy, business, environmental, family, intellectual property, international, personal injury, tax law and more. You’ll also learn a whole new vocabulary. Do you know the difference between crimes and torts?*

Office skills: As a paralegal, you’ll need to know about the modern technologies that today’s law firms rely upon. Programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint are a good start. But you’ll also need to understand the software that’s specific to the legal field. Learning about the types of digital filing systems and databases you might encounter could give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Job skills: Do you have the law firm job skills that will help you find success in your career? Professionalism, communication, critical thinking, organization, attention to detail, and technological ability are among the most important skills you’ll need. Start working to improve upon your natural talents right now and you’ll increase your success in your paralegal program and your career.

Networking: Once you have the training, you need to build a great resume and get out there in the real world. Find out how to network as a paralegal and build your professional connections. You can start while you’re still in your paralegal training, but don’t stop there! Attend events and seminars dedicated to the legal profession and join professional organizations. And don’t forget to create a LinkedIn profile you can be proud of.

At Career Quest Learning Centers, you can complete our Associate of Applied Science paralegal degree program in as little as 14 months. Call us at our Lansing (877-481-4930) or Jackson campus (877-365-8144) to find out more today!

*Crimes harm people and are prosecuted by the State on behalf of the victim; torts are civil cases that harm people and their property and are brought by individuals.


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