How to Start a Career in IT

IT Careers

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You’ve heard the phrase a bunch of times and you kind of get that it has something to do with computers, but have you ever thought about whether or not you could work in IT? If you’ve always been comfortable with technology, IT could be a rewarding career with great prospects for advancement and growth. But you have to take those first steps:

Step 1:

Decide if it’s right for you. Consider the traits you’d need to work in IT. Yes, you need to understand some basics about computers and programs. But there are also some natural abilities you may possess that would make you a good candidate for an IT career. Curiosity, attention to detail, and the ability to solve puzzles are good traits to have. So are patience and perseverance; not all the technology puzzles you encounter are going to be quickly and easily solved.

Step 2:

Consider your options. If you want to get your foot in the door of an IT career, consider the entry-level opportunities that might appeal to you. Among the positions you might find when you’re just starting out are:

·         Help Desk Support Specialist

·         Support Technician

·         Computer Hardware Technician

·         IT Repair Technician

·         LAN Administrator

Step 3:

Attain the skills you’ll need. Once you know where you want to go, enhance your natural talents with actual IT career training. You’ll want a program that will teach you the basics of computer hardware, software, and systems. But also how to troubleshoot real world problems. Choose a school that has instructors with lots of field experience they’re willing to share. And make sure you take your training as seriously as you’ll take your career.

Step 4:

Get certified. Your program should help you prepare to become certified in various industry recognized IT systems and programs. Among the certifications you may want to consider are:

·         CompTIA A+ Essentials

·         CompTIA A+ Core

·         CompTIA’s Network+

·         CompTIA’s Security+

·         CompTIA Linux

Step 5:

Network. Even while you’re still learning, you should be doing. Look for part time work in IT so you can get some experience and meet people in the field. Follow job postings and apply to positions you’re qualified for. Get on LinkedIn and network with people you already know –and all the people they know. If you’re going to build a successful career in IT, get started right now!

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