What is Computer Forensics? Is This the Career for You?

Computer Forensics Careers


No television crime drama is complete today without investigators looking at the trail of evidence left behind on a suspect’s laptop or smartphone. But did you know that actually retrieving the data on those devices requires experts knowledgeable in computer forensics?


Computer forensic teams help solve crimes like identity theft, fraud, embezzlement, hacking, and even murders! Among the tasks they might perform on a case:


·         Acquire, examine and prepare digital evidence

·         Conduct interviews and take statements

·         Advise investigators

·         Prepare evidence for presentation

·         Serve as expert witnesses

·         Maintain data and files

·         Stay up to date on the ever evolving field of computer forensics


Computer forensic specialists also advise individuals and businesses on how to prevent security breaches and what to do when one occurs. When you know a lot about computers and how they run, you’re more able to keep them secure. You could protect against cyberattacks with encryption or set devices to automatically destroy data when files fall into the wrong hands. Or teach others how to effectively backup data, apps and systems. No business wants its private files made public!


Does forensics sound like an exciting computer field to you? It could be if you have the right natural abilities like:


·         Fine attention to detail

·         Natural curiosity

·         Integrity

·         Follow through

·         Problem solving


If you want to build a career in information technology, specializing in computer forensics, you’ll need career training in IT. You’ll need to learn all about networks and computer hardware and software. But you’ll also need to know about simulations, virtualization and cloud computing.


At Career Quest Learning Centers, you could earn your Associate of Applied Science Degree in Network Administration in as little as 15 months and find your way to a variety of possible career fields including:

·         LAN Administration

·         IT Help and Support

·         Cloud Computing

·         and even Computer Forensics!

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