How to tell if you'd make a good ophthalmic assistant?

Ophtalmic Assistant Careers


Ophthalmic Assistants help doctors and patients by performing a range of tasks, all having to do with the human eye. If you like science, have great attention to detail, and would love to have a career helping others, this respected profession might be your calling. Find out how to tell if you’d make a good ophthalmic assistant. Do you have these traits?

Science aptitude: You don’t have to be a Big Bang Theory geek to be a great ophthalmic assistant, but it helps if you know your way around the human body. If you understand the basics of anatomy and physiology or at least have a willingness to learn, you’d make a great candidate for a career as an ophthalmic assistant. Programs for ophthalmic assistants can teach you what you need to know about anatomy of the eyes and the illnesses that might affect them.

Great people skills: If you’re going to work with patients day-in-and-day-out, you better love people. A pleasant and positive attitude is the foundation to most healthcare careers. But it’s especially important when you’re performing tasks like:

·         Eye exams

·         Medical histories

·         Routine tests

·         Procedure explanations

·         Ophthalmologist assistance


Technological skills: You’ll be working on computers and with equipment that is pretty sophisticated so you need to be comfortable with technology. You may just input data into a computer or you could work with medical equipment like:

·         Microscopes

·         Autorefractors

·         Biometers

·         Lensometers

·         Phoropters


Lifelong learner: The great thing about becoming an ophthalmic assistant is that there’s always more to learn. Medical technologies and treatments are continually changing. Whether it’s the latest laser techniques to treat cataracts or just the most recent recommendations by the American Optometric Association on proper eye care, there’s always more to know. If you like to learn new things, check out the career of an Ophthalmic Assistant.

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