How Will a Booming U.S. Economy Help Your Career?

help your career


Have you read the news lately? The U.S. Economy is on an upward swing that has brought more jobs, better wages, and improved consumer confidence.1/2 But will any of that good news trickle down to you? It can! Here’s what you need to know to taste a piece of that economic tasty pie.

Know which industries are hiring.


The U.S. has the biggest healthcare industry in the world! With a 3 trillion dollar spend, healthcare will account for almost 18 percent of U.S. goods and services sold by 2018.3 It’s crazy big—with lots of opportunities for employment. In fact, many of the top jobs for growth in the U.S. economy are in healthcare.4


Information Technology is another multitrillion dollar industry expected to add almost a half million jobs by 2024.5 One of the cool aspects about a career in IT is that it overlaps almost every other industry. Did you know there’s even a high growth industry know as telehealth?  It’s when companies use technology to deliver medical services and health education.


Another field that crosses over industries is business. With a business focus, you could work for all kinds of companies, performing a multitude of tasks. You might start off as an administrative assistant and grow your career. Or you could take what you learn in a business program to start your own small company. What’s right for you?

Get the right training

First, identify a career path that will fit your skills and interests. Then, get ready to build a foundation you can build your career on. Look for programs that give you a combination of current lessons from the industry, along with some hands-on activities. For example, there’s a lot you can learn from a book on how to connect a computer to a network. But there’s nothing like actually connecting that computer to a real network. Whether you’re training to become an Administrative Assistant, an IT Technician, or a Medical Assistant, you’ll want lots of hands-on training.  You might get that right in your classroom but an externship could add another layer of training and experience. The ability to learn and then do could set you apart in this new U.S. economy.

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