How to Find a Paralegal Mentor

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A mentor is someone who can show you the ropes of your new career and guide you as you grow. He or she can be a great role model, sound counselor, and connection to other professionals in the paralegal field. But how do you find someone willing to take you under their wing? It’s easier than you think…

People you know: Start with family and friends who already work in the legal system. Do you know a paralegal who’s been at it for a while? Or maybe a family friend who is an attorney? Either could make a great mentor. But also consider those who work in law enforcement, investigation, and the court system. Your paralegal mentor doesn’t have to be a paralegal.

Where you work: Whether you’re on an externship or have already started working as a paralegal, be on the lookout for a mentor. Observe paralegals and lawyers doing their jobs. Pay close attention to everyone at work and how well they work together. Whom would you most like to emulate? Once you identify who you’d like to be like, you’ve found a possible mentor. Just ask!

LinkedIn: The coworkers and associates of the connections you have on LinkedIn might make marvelous mentors. Ask your connections for introductions to theirs. They can be paralegals, people who work in law, or just men and women with successful business careers. Mentors don’t just offer insight into a particular profession. They have lots of knowledge of how the world works and how you can succeed in whatever career you choose.

Associations: Did you know that there are national, regional, and State Associations that are specifically dedicated to the paralegal profession? Career-specific organizations and associations help you stay current in your profession. They provide opportunities to network, and even find mentors.

But why would someone want to be your mentor? The truth is when someone is passionate about what they do—whether they are lawyers, paralegals, or other legal professionals—they also love to share what they do! Why not with you?

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