5 Tips on How to Make It to a New Career

How to Find a New Career


Are you ready to take a chance on you? Check out these 5 tips on how to make it to a new career and you could be on your way to a better job—and a better life.

Consider you first. This is not about being self-centered. It’s about being self-determined. There comes a time when you have to put what’s best for you and your future first. And if you’re thinking of a new career, now’s the time. Ask yourself a few important questions: Why are you considering a career switch? Do you have the time and drive to make the move? Will you have support from family and friends?

Choose a path. Once you’re sure that you’re ready to commit, you’ll need to decide what career might be right for you. Think about your strengths and abilities. Are you really good with computers and technology? Then maybe a career in IT would be right for you. Or maybe you’ve always wanted to work in healthcare, helping others in times of illness or injury. Or do you want to dress up and work in an office every day? Whatever path sounds right for you, don’t jump in without a bit of research. Check out all the careers you think you might like and talk to the people who are already in them. Find out what they like and what their biggest challenges are.

Get training and experience. If you’re serious about a new career, you need the qualifications it requires. That probably means heading back to school. But don’t worry. Even if school was never your thing, when you have a goal you’re excited about, it will be different. You’ll learn more about the specifics of a career instead of lots of information that just doesn’t interest you. For example, if you’re training to become a Medical Assistant, the concentration will be about what you’ll do on the job. You’ll need to know about the basics of anatomy and physiology, but also how to take vitals, draw blood, understand medical records software, and work with patients. And if your program doesn’t offer externship opportunities, you’ll want to find a volunteer position or part time job where you can get some experience.

Polish your portfolio. It’s no longer enough to have a great resume. A new career means you need a new attitude and a whole new digital you. Do you have a LinkedIn profile? It’s time to get one! The platform is a great place to put yourself out there to anyone hiring. It’s also good for networking and finding out who’s connected to whom. But don’t stop there. Make sure your Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and even Snapchat accounts (if you have them) all have the look and feel of the professional you want to become. If you don’t want to make drastic changes to your social media presence, make sure your privacy settings are set so what’s seen online is only seen by those you trust completely.

Find that first job. Okay, you have training, some experience, a knock-out resume and cover letter, and a professional image online. Now it’s time to look for jobs and plan for interviews. Check with your school’s Career Services for advice on how to put the best you forward to potential employers. Effective job search strategies and interview tips can help you land the interview and get the job.

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