Phlebotomy: 4 Reasons There's Nothing To Be Afraid of

Phlebotomy Career Training in Michigan


Let’s face it. If the sight of blood makes you faint, then a career performing blood draws as a phlebotomy technician probably isn’t right for you. On the other hand, if you’re fine with its components, there’s really nothing to be afraid of about phlebotomy. Here’s why:

1)  Know the technique: When you’ve been well trained through a phlebotomy program you’ll be knowledgeable and confident—and not afraid. You will understand the best phlebotomy practices and the importance of proper sanitation, protective equipment, and quality standards of patient care. You’ll also have plenty of practice. First, you’ll practice venipunctures and injections on dummy arms. Once you’ve mastered the mannequin, you’ll learn how to perform blood draws on actual people.

2)  Understand the process: As a phlebotomist, you will be responsible for those very important blood draws, but that’s only the beginning. It’s vital that you take those samples and label them properly and make sure they get delivered to the lab for testing. Blood tests can reveal a lot about a person’s health from whether or not they have enough vitamins and minerals in their diet to whether they have serious illnesses like cancer and HIV. 



Did you Know?

When drawing blood from babies,

a phlebotomist is more likely to take it from their heels

so the procedure is less painful.


3)  Get experience: The best way to be self-assured about what you do is to do it well. And the only way to become good at something is to practice. Get as much experience on those dummy arms when you’re still studying to become a phlebotomy technician—even if it means clocking extra hours in the lab. Then once you’re certified, find an internship or volunteer your skills at blood drives. The more experience you acquire, the better!


4)  Support your patients: Have you ever noticed that you’re forced to be brave sometimes when others are not? For example, when you’re around little kids who are anxious, you reassure them. And when a friend’s trying something new that you’re a pro at, you show them the way. That’s what you’ll do as a phlebotomist. You’ll be calm, assured, and brave—so your patient will be too.

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