World Back Up Day is This Week: Here’s Why It Matters

Importance of Backup


World Back Up Day is March 31st. Originally started to remind participants not to be an April Fool, World Back Up Day encourages everyone to take the pledge:

I solemnly swear to back up my important documents and precious memories on March 31st

When was the last time you backed up all your priceless pictures and videos on your phone? Or those files you absolutely couldn’t do without at work? This is the week to get it done!

Data loss and outages cost businesses more than $1.7 trillion each year, and more than half of organizations don’t have a disaster recovery plan in place for emerging workloads. Even IT Professionals say they aren’t fully confident in their ability to recover information following an incident.1

What kinds of incidents are we talking about?

Lost technology: Millions of Americans lose their cell phones every year. And millions more have their smartphones stolen.2 Not to mention tablets and laptops. When you lose your technology, you can also lose everything that’s on it—unless you’ve backed it up.

Server damage: If you work in an office, your files may be stored on a central server. A server is a computer that works as a main storage device that you can access through your company’s network. But what happens if you’ve been really good at backing up programs and files to the server and then something happens to that very server? You could lose everything!

Fires and floods can turn your reliable server into a massive mess of circuits, wires, fans, and computing components that are damaged beyond repair. Or hackers can get inside and ruin all that valuable data. Natural disasters and terrorist attacks can also render servers useless.

Cloud compromise: So if even your backed up data is vulnerable, what do you do? Back up to the cloud of course! But it’s important to remember that there isn’t an actual cloud in cloud computing. And wherever your data is stored on the cloud could still be vulnerable to the same problems and disasters as local servers.

That’s why a layered approach is best. Back up your files to a server and reliable cloud provider that uses more than one server and has strict disaster recovery protocols and systems. Consider using a thumb drive for quick transport. And don’t wait until March 31st every year. Do it every day!

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