Early Accomplishments On An Awesome Quest

Career Quest Learning Centers


The Mt. Pleasant campus of Career Quest Learning Centers celebrated the completion of its first mod last month and it was a roaring success.

“The students were super excited to finish their first mod,” said Campus Manager Nicole Ball.  “This first Medical Assistant group was especially important to all of us. We’re proud of them. They worked really hard and we thought they deserved a little celebration.”

Career Quest gave a party in honor of the accomplishment. Students got to share some free time and refreshments. They also signed a banner commemorating the first cohort.  If all goes according to plan, the men and women completing the first mod will graduate in September and show off the banner at an even bigger event.

But why celebrate before their actual graduation?

“It keeps them motivated, for one,” said Nicole. “But really, we just wanted to say ‘congratulations.’” And what a great excuse for some cupcakes.”

Nicole said that the program has been really well-received by students and the community. The Campus offers the 35-week Medical Assistant program, along with a 5-week Certified Nurse Aide program. According to Nicole, the programs were specifically built to satisfy the needs of the community.

Quest Education President Melissa Soderberg explained: “There are several healthcare facilities in the area and there is a high demand for MAs and CNAs. We’ve reached out to healthcare providers in the area and have received a terrific response. They’re excited to meet our graduates and discuss employment opportunities.”

Both Nicole and Melissa emphasized that although Career Quest is teaching its Medical Assistant students the critical skills they need to know to perform the tasks of the profession, a Career Quest Learning Centers education is about a whole lot more. Nicole said that it’s the soft skills that are built into the Career Quest curriculum that truly set graduates apart. They’re ready to go to work on day-one after graduation.

And it’s not just the Mt. Pleasant location that takes such a holistic approach to education. Check out all the programs at Career Quest Learning Centers in Lansing and Jackson. Request more info to find out what program might be right for you.



"I love my job. I’ve never worked for a better employer ever. I would have never found this job without Career Quest.”



“I would definitely recommend CQ to anyone who is looking to change career paths or looking to come back to school.”