Nate Kretzschmer Named Lansing Employee of the Month

Nate Kretzschmer has been named the March Employee of the Month for the Lansing campus. A graduate of the Career Quest Network Administration program, Nate continually shares his ideas and innovation with his Network Administration students. 

“He was an exceptional student, a great communicator and team player and that has helped him transition into becoming an exceptional employee,” said Lansing Campus Manager Mollie Woodworth. “His kind heart, positivity and passion for teaching make him a great resource for our campus. We’re thrilled we were able to hire him on after graduation!”

Students interested in learning more about their educational options should call the Career Quest admissions offices at Lansing 877-481-4930 \ Jackson 877-365-8144.

Since 1995, Career Quest has implemented its mission to provide students with the skills required for employment and/or career advancement, by educating and training them with the equipment and technology found in the current workplace. For more information, visit


“I tried community college and it was not for me; I was just overwhelmed. I learn better in small groups. At Career Quest, it was almost like a family. Everyone’s willing to help one another and the teachers are awesome. I’ll be sad to leave!” 


“Half of my staff is made up of Career Quest graduates. Career Quest has played a huge role in the success of my business.”