Is Computer Forensics the Right IT Career For You?

What is Computer Forensics?


It’s a cliffhanger show that reaches its climactic final moments in a dramatic courtroom scene. A forensic scientist reveals the conclusive evidence to bring a killer to justice. Forensic science is everywhere these days. But what is Computer Forensics and do people really do it for a living? You bet!

Computer Forensics is the process of gathering all the evidence that could be on someone’s computer, tablet, phone, or other computing device to use in civil and criminal trials. Trained professionals in Computer Forensics follow strict investigative methods to get to the bottom of a crime, based on what people leave behind on the various technologies they use. And they leave a lot.

Pictures, documents, audio files, emails, text messages, and more, can all be used against someone in a court of law. But first, a trained specialist in Computer Forensics has to find all of it, determine what it is and how it fits into the investigation, and prepare it for presentation.

If this sounds like an interesting IT profession, consider what you’d need to be successful:

Determination: Some people are stupid. Seriously, the bank robber who thinks putting lemon juice on his face makes him invisible or the idiots who film their crimes and post it to social media. They’re not exactly rocket scientists. On the other hand, many criminals use modern technology to cleverly hide their crimes. If you want to unearth what they’ve done, you have to be determined and committed. If you don’t give up easily, you have the right temperament for the field.

Attention to detail: If you think about it, Computer Forensics is a kind of detective work. You need close attention to detail to find that needle in a haystack that could solve a crime. It requires a methodic approach, where one step leads to another and each one can be followed through to its conclusion. If the scientific method you learned in middle school made perfect sense to you, you might be right for IT.

Technical knowhow: With the right training you can learn the skills to work in an IT career. But if you want to specialize, you have to have a passion for the field. You also need to have a knack for science and technology. Puzzle-solvers wanted! If you were the kid in science class who wanted to know even more, you probably have the curious mind needed.

Polished presentation: Once all the data are compiled, you’ll need to turn them into a language that everyone can understand. You can prepare a report that outlines your process, investigation, and discoveries. But you’ve really got to sell it! First, to your immediate supervisors. As your career advances, though, you could be asked to present to others—maybe even in an actual courtroom. If you’re a natural salesperson, with a professional and polished way about you, you could wow them at a trial.

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