Does An Administrative Assistant Really Do All That?

How to Be a Great Administrative Assistant


Batman may grab the headlines, but what about all the behind-the-scenes work of his right-hand man, Alfred? That’s the kind of role an Administrative Assistant can play, a critical team member the executive just can’t do without. You may think of an Administrative Assistant as the one who greets visitors and answers the phone, but they do so much more. Check out just a few of the tasks Admin Assistants are responsible for and how they keep an organization on track.


Make Meetings Happen

Administrative assistants act as the gatekeepers for any meetings with their boss. All scheduling goes through them and no meeting would happen if they weren't on top of the calendar. Businesses of all types rely on such meetings to keep everything moving. As an Administrative Assistant, you could help move your company move forward.


Never Miss A Note

Scheduling the meeting is just the first step. Your job as an Admin is to make every meeting and appointment count and ensure they are all successful. You may need to attend them to take careful notes for your boss, and remind him or her what was said by whom. These transcriptions are valuable to translate the ideas of a meeting into actions within the company.


Focus on Finance

No business succeeds without a full understanding of the numbers. Whether it's a bank or retail store, companies all live and die by the numbers that translate into profits and losses. You can help run analysis on quarterly or yearly figures and prepare financial reports for upcoming budget meetings. As an Administrative Assistant, you are able to see the meaning behind the numbers and help your boss make more informed decisions going forward.


Communicate Effectively

You’ll be the first person any visitor sees. Whether it's for the entire department or just one boss, Admins set the tone of a visit with that very first interaction. You need to really listen and get the correct messages through to your boss and other team leaders. You need to be a champion communicator no matter if it’s in person, over the phone, or through email.


Be a Workplace Warrior

You need a presentation board for a meeting tomorrow morning? The printer is out of ink and it’s the biggest sales meeting of the year? There are 10 interns starting tomorrow and only 5 desk spaces available? All of these are challenges you might face in any given day. You could be the backbone for the entire office, keeping things running smoothly and ensuring everyone has what they need so the office functions like a well-oiled machine.



Work as an administrative assistant is ever-changing. There will always be something that needs to be done, someone who needs a meeting, or a crisis that must be addressed. Think you have what it takes? Training to become an Administrative Assistant can make you a valuable employee in your first job and provide you with skills that will be applicable throughout your future career. Find out how to get started.


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