How to Protect Your Computer From Hackers

beware of computer hackers



Don’t you just love that you can access just about everything you care about from the palm of your hand? That super-convenient technology that allows you to connect your car payment to your bank account right from your smartphone also makes it super-easy for computer hackers to do serious damage.


When you decide to put anything online, do so with caution. Hackers are on the prowl to find users who fail to protect their information. They won’t just steal your passwords and post crazy things to your friends’ Facebook pages; they could do some serious damage. Many sites contain sensitive information, such as social security numbers, health records, personal  identification, and access to bank accounts. 


These computer safety tips will help you stay one step ahead of an attack.


Keep a Strong Defense

How often have you seen a movie where someone tried to access a password protected computer, and the first thing they try is ‘1234’ or ‘password’? Don’t be that predictable! Don’t write your password down and try not to make it so clearly related to your life that hackers could figure it out. And definitely don’t use the same password across various sites. You’ll also want to use security questions to add an extra level of defense, but ensure the answers aren’t from information someone could find from public records. Think of your password and questions as the last line of defense between your personal information and a hacker


Click with Caution

A commonly known hacker trick is to get you to click on something that seems harmless, or even beneficial. Opening an email that offers a fabulous trip or one that poses as your bank may seem like a good idea at the time, but can be the start of a major headache. Scam bank emails draw you in with false alarms of problems on your account. One way you can tell if it’s spam is if they ask for sensitive information right away. Your real bank would never do this! Hackers may pose as someone who is there to help fix your account, but instead they can destroy it.


Keep Your Computer Current

An old machine with outdated software can also be susceptible to a hack. If your computer is not up to date, you can be an easy target for attacks. Make certain to have the best technology, software, and virus protection available. Consider virus protection software a worthwhile investment and the time it takes for regular updates a small price to pay for some serious security.


Be Wary of Open WiFi

It may be great that you can find open WiFi almost anywhere, but be CAREFUL! Don’t share sensitive data on networks unless you know that their security is as secure as you deserve. Once you agree to those terms and conditions that you didn’t actually read, you could become an open target.


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