How to Train for a Business Career in Michigan

Michigan business woman looking at the city


Could a business career in Michigan become a reality for you? With the right training and perseverance it just might! But how do you break into a new field? Training isn’t reserved just for athletes. Whether it's interview prep or an online course, take the effort to set yourself apart and be ready to hit the ground running for a new career. One reason business is such a popular field is because you have so many options once you get started. Here are some key steps to consider as you prepare for your career in Michigan.


Keep Yourself Current

In an interview, you never know what someone may ask, so try to work in knowledge relevant to the company, the position, and your specific industry whenever possible. You may not be the first person who has done their homework, but in-depth knowledge shows you care about the job and the company. And don’t stop there. Being up on current events shows that you get it’s not all about you or a single company. Know a bit about the world around you and how shifts in the economy or unrelated industries might affect your career or a company you may apply to. This knowledge will impress potential employers and help you anticipate future industry trends and needs. Where will your talents fit in?


Invest in Experience

Knowledge doesn’t expire, so make sure you’re always learning. It is important to set yourself apart as best as possible to land your first job and grow into the future. Whether it’s an online certification or a business program with Career Quest Learning Centers, invest in yourself so you can reap the rewards later on. Based out of Michigan, Career Quest offers career-focused training in business that teach you about small business management, Microsoft certifications, payroll and project management, and more. 


Talk with the Experts

People already working in a career you find interesting are a great resource. They don’t have to be at the same company you’re looking at, since many skills are transferrable no matter the industry, but schedule some time to talk. Look to friends, neighbors, or former co-workers to get the inside scoop on a variety of careers and companies. Information straight from the source could prove invaluable as you figure out what you are really interested in doing.


Career Quest Learning Centers offers the technical computer skills and professional training you’ll need for a business career. At the end of the program, you could be qualified for positions in Human Resources, Accounting, Payroll, and others. If you’re in Michigan and want to learn more, give us a call at 877-481-4930.



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