Are Career Quest Student Success Coordinators Super Heroes?

Career Quest Learning Center's Bob Moyer


The Student Success Coordinators at Career Quest Learning Centers may not wear tights and capes, but many of the students view them as super heroes nonetheless.


“He pretty much saved my life like three weeks ago,” says Medical Assistant student Janel Blocker referring to Student Success Coordinator Robert Moyer.


While Bob didn’t actually save Janel’s life, she is incredibly grateful for all his support. She was in a bad place and felt like her whole life was caving in around her. She didn’t feel like doing much of anything, never mind making it to class.


“Bob kept reaching out to me,” says Janel. “I ignored him the first couple of times. But eventually I responded and told him what was going on and he immediately connected me with people who could help me.”


And according to Janel, it’s not just Bob. It’s the whole Career Quest team.


“I get kind of down in the dumps sometimes, and it’s like a ray of sunshine coming here,” says Janel. “The teachers here are more than just instructors. They go above and beyond the call of duty. They help you achieve anything you want to get done. Really, they believed in me more than I even believed in myself.”


Bob says it’s easy to believe in the Career Quest students because so many of them have overcome so much to go so far.


“Many of our students have faced some pretty significant challenges,” says Bob “and the main focus of my job is to help them with whatever obstacles come along, to connect them with resources. And we’ve helped them with so many different issues.”


Bob says that although his ultimate goal is to help students succeed in the classroom so they can go on to succeed in their careers, their biggest challenges often aren’t at school.


“We understand that when there are other stressors in their lives, they can’t concentrate on school,” says Bob “so we do what we can to alleviate anxiety so they can focus back on school. We also understand that when you’re in your 30s and 40s, or even in your 20s, it’s a hard thing to jump back into education, especially if it wasn’t something you did well in. But our students all come here for a purpose and those who are able to try hard and stick it out will go on to bigger and better things.”


Janel is one of those students ready for the next chapter. Already employed at an area hospital, she says that getting certified as a Medical Assistant is important for her career and her future. And she’s looking forward to a bright future.


If you’d like to learn more about what your future could hold with career training from Career Quest Learning Centers, give us a call at one of our three Michigan campuses: Lansing/877-481-4930, Jackson/877-365-8144, Mt. Pleasant/877-345-85


“I had achieved my goal even before school was done.” 


“Half of my staff is made up of Career Quest graduates. Career Quest has played a huge role in the success of my business.”