You Can Launch A Healthcare Career Without a Degree

Careers in the multi-trillion dollar healthcare industry


Have you always dreamed of a career in healthcare but thought it would take years of training and advanced degrees? Despite what you think, there are lots of healthcare programs that can prepare you for rewarding careers without previous experience. Here are some careers you could start training for right now:


Medical Assistant

As a Medical Assistant you would work closely with both patients and medical staff. You’d have lots of direct patient interaction, helping them work to get better and comforting them through tough times. You’d support hospital or facility staff through administrative tasks, calendar and appointment management, and patient area prep. If you want to be well-prepared to be a Medical Assistant, a program like this one could take as little as 35 weeks to complete and will teach you important skills necessary for patient work.


Phlebotomy Technician

If you want to have even more patient contact and don’t mind blood, phlebotomy could be a great option. You’d do bloodwork for a hospital or doctor’s office and would be an integral member of any medical staff. You’d need training and certification before you could work in the field, but a good program will teach you all the basics of blood collection, the circulatory system and how to handle specimens. Bloodwork is so common in healthcare that you would be consistently meet new and different patients each day.


Medical Billing & Coding

A career in healthcare doesn’t have to involve blood at all! As a medical coder, you’d get to meet all kinds of patients, but at the front of the office. You would work with medical records, insurance companies, patients and medical staff to ensure everything is on track and documented. To get started, you would need to learn codes and technologies recognized throughout the country.  A good Medical Billing & Coding program  will teach you the necessary terminology, software, laws and regulations to do your job well.  Since so many people come to you for questions and concerns, from patients and doctors to insurance representatives and visitors, you’d have plenty of opportunity to hone your skills, work with patients and make a difference.


A career in healthcare is something you can attain. If you have a knack for organization, consider yourself a go-getter and like to help others, give Career Quest Learning Centers a call in Lansing at 877-481-4930, Jackson at 877-365-8144 or Mt. Pleasant at 877-345-8505 to see how you could train for a career healthcare.




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