This Is Why We Love Veterans at Career Quest

Thank You to Veterans


As Veterans Day approaches, everyone here at Career Quest Learning Centers wants to offer our most sincere thanks and appreciation to U.S. Veterans, active members of the Service, and their families. For the sacrifices you have made and for what you are willing to do on the behalf of us all, we thank you.

Originally known as Armistice Day, November 11th celebrated the anniversary of the end of World War I. Congress passed a resolution to pay tribute to all American Veterans and the holiday became official back in 1938. Today we celebrate Veterans Day each year in honor of those who serve.

At Career Quest, we know that some of our best students are Veterans. We think it’s because they have the qualities to succeed. Veterans are:

·         Leaders

·         Responsible

·         Dependable

·         Mature

·         Self-disciplined

·         Determined

·         Collaborative

·         Communicative

All those qualities help them find success in the classroom, in the Service, and in their lives. And it’s part of why we admire them so much.

It’s also why we provide opportunities exclusive to Veterans and their families.

If you’re a Veteran, active Service member, or the spouse of one, you may be eligible for a military discount of up to 25 percent off your tuition. To be eligible, you must provide proof of service with a valid DD214 and a valid military identification card or certificate of eligibility. Spouses must have a valid military id card. And if you and your spouse are both enrolled at Career Quest, you will both be eligible for the tuition discount.

Are you interested in learning more about Veterans’ benefits? Contact us now. Your tuition discount could lead to a better future for you and your family and it’s our way of saying thank you!



“I’m enrolled at Career Quest so I can be better at the job I have now. I’ve learned how to recognize health symptoms before they turn into a health care crisis. More knowledge means I help my patients lead the best lives possible.” 


“I tried community college and it was not for me; I was just overwhelmed. I learn better in small groups. At Career Quest, it was almost like a family. Everyone’s willing to help one another and the teachers are awesome. I’ll be sad to leave!”