What Business Skills do I Need to Start a New Career?

Businessman ready for his career


We get it. A job’s a job and a paycheck’s a paycheck. We’ve all got to get by. But if you want to lay the groundwork for an actual career, you’ll need the right business skills. You know what the best part is, though? It’s never too late to start. And you probably already possess the foundation of what you need. Add to your natural abilities with some career training, practice, and polish and you could be on your way to career success. Here are the skills you’ll need:



Being able to communicate clearly, whether with a customer or coworker, is an important office skill. But communication isn’t just about getting your message across to people. It’s also about listening and understanding. If you combine the ability to deliver a message, while understanding your coworkers’ workloads and priorities, you’ll gain their respect and willingness to collaborate.



The ability to problem-solve may sound like it comes with the territory. Everyone needs to problem solve at work sometimes, right? Yes, but it’s not quite that simple. Being able to identify problems is just as critical as solving them. Some people don’t even recognize the problem in the first place. Can you? Learn to identify small issues before they become big and formulate solutions and you’ll be an important member of any business team.



A networking event can feel uncomfortable because it’s a gathering of people all with the same intent: find a lead or land a job. It may not feel natural, but it’s really important to your long-term career success. Networking is all about getting outside your comfort zone, putting yourself out there, and connecting with the right people who could either hire you or recommend you for a position. Don’t be afraid to assert yourself or your personal brand. Standing out in people’s minds in a positive way could put you ahead of the competition.


Sell Yourself

This goes hand-in-hand with networking. Don’t be afraid to talk yourself up a little bit. You want to demonstrate that you’d be a good candidate for a position in the career you’re trying to pursue. Be confident but not too confident, sure of yourself but not conceited, knowledgeable but not egotistical. Strike the right balance and you’ll leave a good impression.


Digital Skills

You don’t have to be a hacker to know how to work a computer to help your career. Learning IT skills, from Microsoft Office to some kinds of coding, can put you in a position to land a job in almost any industry. More sophisticated IT skills can also transfer to other problem-solving areas.  IT skills are needed across industries today, from business to healthcare, and more.


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