It’s a New Year. Ready for a New Career?

New Year's Resolution list


No matter what last year was all about for you, when the calendar page turns you get a full refresh. What are you going to do with another chance at a new life? If you’ve been stuck in a dead-end job for too long, or if you’re ready to move up the ladder from where you are, it’s time to think big-picture. Get on the path to a new career in 2018. Here’s how:


Adopt some healthy habits. What does your health have to do with your career? Everything! You can’t do your best work if you’re not at your best. Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your diet, get plenty of rest, and get into a workout routine. If you want to take charge in the world, you need to start in your own space.


Explore your options. This is a big decision and a big move, so don’t take it lightly. Check out job boards and see what kinds of opportunities are available at what companies. Think about what you might want to do and where you would like to work. Hone in on an industry like healthcare or IT and see what skills you would need to find success.


Get training. If you already have a job you like but want more, contact your supervisor and find out what you need to do to step to the next rung on the ladder. Maybe you’re an assistant who wants to be a supervisor. What will make you stand out? An associate of applied science in business administration degree could add to the skills you already have and be an opportunity for advancement.


Build experience. Once you have some training, you’ll need experience. If your school offers intern or externship opportunities, grab on to them! They can give you a competitive edge once you’re ready to look for a job in your new career. Even if you can’t observe and learn in the real world before you’re actually employed, look for opportunities to use your newly developing skills. Try them out at your current job, or look for volunteer opportunities.  


Polish your portfolio. In today’s digital world, a paper resume just won’t do the trick. You need a cover letter, a resume with all the right components, a LinkedIn account, and an online presence that you—and a new employer—could be proud of. But don’t wait until that first interview, start working now to build your professional image and your network of industry contacts.


Take advantage of career services. Your school probably has dozens of resources to help you find that first job. Make sure you take full advantage. Opportunities to find job postings or participate in career fairs or mock interviews can help build your confidence as you meet possible employers and industry contacts.


Develop job search habits. Just like you need to get into a routine for a healthy you, you also need to make finding a job its own part time job that’s part of your weekly routine. Find and apply to any jobs that interest you. Even if they’re not a perfect fit, the process of searching, applying, and interviewing is a learning experience.


When you get serious about that new career for 2018, contact Career Quest Learning Centers. We have training programs in Business, Healthcare, IT, and more. What direction do you want to go? Call us in Jackson (877-365-8144), Lansing (877-481-4930), or Mt. Pleasant (877-345-8505) to learn more now.



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