Career Quest Learning Centers: Fulfilling the Needs of the Community

Quest Learning Centers: Fulfilling the Needs of the Community


Welcome to the Grand Opening of our newest campus!

With major healthcare facilities such as McLaren and Saginaw nearby, the new Bay City campus location for Career Quest Learning Centers was an easy choice. According to Career Quest President Melissa Soderberg, much research was conducted to come up with the perfect new location but in the end, there was only one clear winner.

“We identified a need in the area considering Bay City is a central location for hospitals and clinics,” says Melissa. “Where there are healthcare facilities, there is a need for well-trained healthcare workers. And that’s why we’ll be opening here in April.”

A sister location to the Mt. Pleasant campus, Bay City will initially offer the Medical Assistant program. The campus is located at 3900 State Street Road in Bay City and is currently being built out. It will be a brand new facility with new equipment and supplies.

What’s not brand new is the mission and passion of the faculty and staff of Career Quest Learning Centers.

“We’re bringing our culture,” says Melissa.

She points to Lansing instructor Valaree Gower and the Bay City Campus Manager Casandra Ferrer as examples of building the best team for the new site.

“I’m originally from Bay City,” says Cassie, “so this feels like a great opportunity to provide this great service to my own community. I’m coming home.”

Cassie says she intends to be a fully hands-on leader at Bay City. She’s been with Career Quest since 2013 and knows all the ins-and-outs of the school. She’s excited to say that she’s already been fielding phone calls from potential students who can’t wait to sign up at Bay City.

“The Career Quest students are just the best,” says Cassie. “They start off pretty motivated and once they get here and see the opportunities, I see a positive change. They’re even more motivated to succeed and their confidence builds over time.” And it leads to success.

Cassie says that she loves seeing students develop their skills and grow as individuals.

“Many of our students have faced significant challenges, but when they come in ready to go, ready to put in some hard work, we’re ready to help. We provide the tools they need to succeed and have an open communication relationship with our students that supports them as they learn and grow,” says Cassie. “My goal is to send our graduates out with more than just the technical skills they need to work in the industry, but also the soft skills that will set them apart from the competition. It seems to work.”

If you’re interested in learning more about the new Career Quest Learning Center campus, call us today at 877-305-9991.


“I feel like once I get out there in the field, I’d be prepared. And it’s Career Quest I can thank for that.”



"I love my job. I’ve never worked for a better employer ever. I would have never found this job without Career Quest.”