What Kinds of Careers in Michigan Can I Find Without a Degree?

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The job market can be fierce, especially if you don’t have a degree. But not everyone has the money, time, or patience to head off to college and put their lives on hold for four long years. If you want a career, but want it sooner, rather than later, check out a few career options in Michigan that you could pursue even without a big degree:


1.Personal Care Aide

Do you like to help others? Personal care aides assist people with chronic illnesses, physical disabilities, and mental health ailments by helping them with their daily tasks. If you chose this career, you might help your client get dressed, plan meals, run errands, and attend appointments. Many of these often elderly people would be unable to have a good quality of life without some help from a personal care aide. Unlike home health aides, personal care aides don’t perform medical-related tasks. But personal care aides are needed more and more as the baby boomer generation ages and requires in-home assistance.


2.Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billers and Coders work together to make sure that patients receive the benefits they deserve. The medical coder’s job is to take the doctor’s diagnosis and prescriptions for the patient and turn it into a numeric or alphanumeric code. It is then the job of the the medical biller to take the codes and make a claim to the insurance company. Once the information is returned to the medical office, billers compute the final bill for the patient. There are hundreds of healthcare facilities in Michigan and Medical billers and coders are vital to any doctor’s office or hospital environment.


3.Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries manage the daily traffic of patients through a doctor’s office. These professionals work front of house, greeting patients and answering phones, as well as behind the scenes. They may be trained as Medical Assistants so they can also assist with patient intake by taking medical histories and scheduling tests and procedures. They’ll also keep up with inventory of medical and office supplies.


4.Computer Support Specialist

If you’re a puzzle solver who’s less likely to pursue a medical career, IT support in Michigan is another way to go. As a computer support specialist, you would help with operating systems, software malfunctions, and log-in difficulties. Almost everyone has had frustration with their computer or laptop at some point. When you make the call to seek assistance, the person who answers is a computer support specialist. These tech geniuses work to help you fix your problem in a friendly and effective manner. In addition to aiding personal computer problems, IT support specialists also help offices, universities and call centers. As organizations upgrade outdated systems and network equipment, there will be even more of a need for skilled IT professionals.


5.Administrative Assistant

An administrative assistant performs routine clerical and organizational tasks for a business. If you’re well organized and have great attention to detail, you could be someone’s right-hand man—or woman. You would organize files, draft messages, schedule appointments, and support other members of the staff. Other tasks may include buying supplies, negotiating with vendors, managing stockrooms, and getting data from various sources. As more and more companies turn to online platforms, administrative assistants are also becoming more necessary to stay on top of a company’s online presence.


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