Bringing His Real World Experience Into the Classroom

Career Quest Instructor Spencer Moore


Spencer Moore worked as an EMT in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. From an emergency medicine perspective, he’s seen it all. And he loved what he did, providing top-notch medical care to people in need. But something was calling him back to the state where he was born and raised. 

“It was a good decision to come back home,” says Spencer, “and even though I’m not doing the same kind of job I did in Sioux Falls, I’d help train new employees where I was. So when the teaching job at Career Quest’s Mt. Pleasant campus became available, it seemed like a right next step. It’s been a great decision.”

As a high school student in Michigan, Spencer had attended a career fair where he was first introduced to medical careers. He had family members with disabilities and the idea of helping people like them resonated. Now with more than a decade of experience in the medical field, Spencer is happy to be helping others enter the rewarding field.

 “I teach the medical procedures class—all the hands-on stuff,” says Spencer. “The first part is lecture, but then students get to practice what they’ve learned. I find that most people in the medical field really learn better by just getting up and doing it. It’s always been the best way for me to learn, too so I can relate.”

Spencer also supplements the set curriculum with stories from his own experiences.

“I hear from students all the time that they love my stories. A lot of them have never done anything with emergency medicine so it’s all new to them,” says Spencer. “I teach them from what I know but I can even reach out to former co-workers and have them send me copies of irregular EKGs so the students get real-world examples. Then I can say –see this, this is what you’d look for, or this is what you should do.”

And the teaching is rewarding. “It’s really a great feeling when you see that ‘ah-ha’ moment when you’re working with a student who didn’t get it and now they get it,” says Spencer.

Spencer also notes that many of his students have struggles at home or obstacles in life that can get in the way of their success in the classroom. He’s just fine helping them out in those areas too.

“We’re not just instructors here at Career Quest,” says Spencer. “We sometimes wind up being that shoulder to cry on. The biggest thing we want to let our students know is that we’re here for them. We want them to succeed.”

If you’re interested in an entry level career in the medical field and want to attend a school that cares about you and your goals, check out any one of the four Career Quest Learning Centers campuses: Lansing 877-481-4930, Jackson 877-365-8144, Mt. Pleasant 877-345-8505 and our newest location Bay City 877-305-9991.


Career Quest has been such a great experience for me. From staff to students, I have gained some awesome people in my life. I am forever grateful.


“I had achieved my goal even before school was done.”