What You Should Look for in Career Training Programs in Michigan

Career Training in Michigan



If you’re looking for a new career, but aren’t sure you have the skills to make the move, you’ll want some training. Here are some tips on what to look for in a career training program in Michigan:


Decide on a Career Path

Before you decide on a career training school in Michigan, consider what field you may want to enter. Do you want to work in the Legal field or would you prefer something in Business, Healthcare, or IT? There are many ways to decide the path you want to take. Think about your strengths and natural talents. What are you really good at? Or you could start by thinking about what kind of work environment you might like. Or maybe you just want to enter a growth industry.


Do Your Research

The next step is to do some research. Check online to find which schools might offer programs that will give you the training you need. Look at their websites and connect with an admissions representative. Make a list of questions and check them off one by one. Then, visit the school. Even if you’re planning to take an online program, it’s good to meet the people behind the technology before you start.


Check Accreditation

One of the questions you ask should be about accreditation. An accredited institution is licensed by the State of Michigan and an independent accrediting organization. This means that it will adhere to guidelines for quality and integrity in education. Accredited schools must show proof that they are serving their students well. These programs are being held accountable to certain standards. They are also required to have regular reviews from the accrediting organization.


Learning Support

Everyone has a different learning style. You want to make sure that any program you decide to take supports your learning style. Are you a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic learner? If you’re a visual learner, you don’t want a school that only has lectures. Whatever field you decide to go into, actually doing the tasks you would perform on the job will help prepare you for when you really do it. Practice makes perfect, right?



If you are someone who doesn’t have time to get to a campus, you’ll want to consider online courses. You may have a day job that keeps you busy. If so, online is a great way to get the instruction you need if you can’t make it to a campus. There are many completely online programs that can provide you with the instruction you need to get better in your current career or find a new one. If you’re good at independent work, online might be right for you. 

Whatever field you’re interested in and whatever kind of learner you are, there is a program in Michigan for you! If you are looking for career training in Business, Healthcare, IT, or Paralegal Studies in Michigan, contact us at Career Quest Learning Centers to learn more. Just fill out the form and we’ll be in touch.



“I’m enrolled at Career Quest so I can be better at the job I have now. I’ve learned how to recognize health symptoms before they turn into a health care crisis. More knowledge means I help my patients lead the best lives possible.” 


“I was very computer illiterate until I came here. By the end of the first week of my externship, I had letters of recommendation waiting for me."