From a Warehouse Job to A Real Career: Roseta Martinez

Career Quest Learning Centers Graduate Roseta Martinez


Roseta Martinez has a job she loves where she uses skills she learned at Career Quest Learning Centers to help people every day. Her title at Becka Management may be Administrative Assistant, but she says when she is able to help people find safe and affordable housing through the section 8 program, it feels like she’s doing a whole lot more.

“It’s wonderful,” says Rosie. “I help people take all the steps they need to ensure they get housing. I work with a lot of different agencies and so many different people. When they get in the program and receive their vouchers to get housing, it’s just great. I love the job.”

The big picture is all about helping people find better living situations but Rosie’s day-to-day involves understanding policies and procedures from both a government and company point-of-view. She needs to use effective communication skills to answer phones, meet and greet applicants, and deal with multiple agencies and their personnel. She needs excellent administrative skills to file accurate applications and fill out required paper work. She also needs fine attention to detail to conduct background checks and make certain that nothing important falls through the cracks. And Rosie understands that it’s not just a bunch of paperwork she’s in charge of; it’s people’s lives.

That’s why Rosie is happy that she received great training at Career Quest Learning Centers. A 2017 graduate of the Business Administration Associate Degree program, Rosie says Career Quest really was her answer to a new career. She’d been working at a warehouse and knew she could do better. She took a shot at community college, but it just didn’t stick. Then, she checked out Career Quest.

“From the first time I walked through the door, it felt right. It felt calm,” says Rosie. “There wasn’t much of a support system at community college, but everyone here was nice and supportive. I love how they don’t give up on you. Really it’s almost like you’re around a big family who loves you and wants you to succeed.”

Rosie says that support was just what she needed.

“I was the biggest procrastinator,” says Rosie, “but they got me to do my work.”

Rosie also acknowledges that it isn’t enough to have the right school and the right teachers. You also need to put in the work.

“It doesn’t matter how much the school is willing to help. Without dedication, you’re not going to make it,” says Rosie. “You need to be willing to go the extra mile.”

Rosie did—and she succeeded. And now that she’s gotten her Associate’s Degree, she’s planning on going for her Bachelor’s. Apparently a great attitude combined with a great education makes you want even more. What do you think? Are you ready for a better a career? Check out all the career-focused programs offered at Career Quest Learning Centers today. Fill out the form to get started on the path to a brand new future.



“Coming here after I was laid off at my job actually gave me an appetite for more education.” 


“The instructors at Career Quest are awesome,” she said. “I couldn’t have done this on my own. They really do set you up to succeed.”