What Do You Need to Know About a Patient Care Technician Career?

Patient Care Technician with elderly patient


Doctors and nurses are dedicated healthcare professionals who care a lot about their patients—but they’re not the only ones! Patient care technicians serve an important role in today’s healthcare service by aiding patients with their daily routines and rehabilitation tasks. If you choose a career as a patient care technician, here’s some of what you’d need to know:



What You Would Do


Your first and most vital role will be to help patients. Daily tasks can vary but you might draw blood, take vital signs, re-dress wounds, or even just act as emotional support during procedures. Every patient’s needs will be different. For example, if one of your patients is recovering from surgery, you may need to help them get around. You might help them walk the hallways or perform physical therapy exercises. For another patient, you may help them eat, get dressed, and bathe.

As a Patient Care Technician, you would also work closely with other members of the healthcare staff. You would be part of a team, all with the same goal: to provide the best care to your patients. Because you may spend more time with your patients than any other member of the healthcare team, you would be an important liaison between your patients, doctors, and their families. The key to success in this role is to keep your patients' best interests in mind and advocate for them, while still closely following doctor’s orders.



Where You Might Work


As you might think, you would most likely work in hospitals, clinics, rehab centers, and nursing homes. But you might also work as a home health aide in assisted living facilities or private homes. Anywhere you think that a recovering patient might need a little extra help, you could be that helper.



Skills You Would Need


If you think you have what it takes to be someone’s important helper, you’ll want the right training. Training will teach you how to take vital signs, perform EKGs, and anticipate your patient’s needs, and aide them in daily activities. It will also enhance your soft skills of problem solving, bedside manner, and patience. But there are some traits you need to be a patient care technician that you may already possess. Are you compassionate? Do you love getting to know people? Do you pay attention to the details? Understanding that you already know a lot about your strengths could help you determine if a career as a patient care technician is for you.


If you feel that you have a compassionate soul and you love to help others, you might make a great patient care technician. At Career Quest Learning Centers, you can train to become a patient care technician in as little as six weeks.  If you are interested, please give us a call in our Jackson (877)365-8144 or Lansing (877)481-4930 locations to learn more.


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