We're Celebrating the Opening of the Bay City Campus!

Career Quest Learning Centers (CQLC) has opened a new campus in Bay City, located at 3900 State Street Road. Campus officials, teachers and students will be celebrating the opening on Wednesday, May 9, with a ribbon cutting with Bay Area Chamber of Commerce ambassadors and members. The ribbon cutting will take place at 11:15 and pizza will be served to all attendees afterward.

The campus began offering healthcare programs at the Bay City location in April, including:

Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing fields in today’s economy, and Career Quest’s team has worked hard to develop programs that prepare students for the jobs that are in demand today. “We identified a need in the area, keeping in mind that Bay City is a central location for hospitals and clinics,” explained CQLC President Melissa Soderberg. “Where there are healthcare facilities, there is a need for well-trained healthcare workers. And that’s what we can help provide.”

The campus is being led by Casandra Ferrer, who formerly served as Assistant Director of Admissions in Lansing. She has spent most of her career in the field of education, and she has been with CQLC since 2013. She earned her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Saginaw Valley State University.

“We provide the tools our students need to succeed and have an open communication relationship that supports them as they learn and grow,” Ferrer says. “My goal is to send our graduates out with more than just the technical skills they need to work in the industry, but also the soft skills that will set them apart from the competition. It seems to work.”

For more information on the campus, call 877-305-9991 or visit www.careerquest.edu.


“I am a completely different person than when I started my program. I have so much more confidence now. I really think I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Before I started here, I wasn’t very happy with my life. Now I’m smiling all the time.” 


"I love my job. I’ve never worked for a better employer ever. I would have never found this job without Career Quest.”