Why You Should Jump at the Next Career Fair Opportunity

Networking at Career Fair for Job Seekers


Whether you’re just about to graduate or you just began actively seeking a new job, a career fair can be a great place to kick start your job search. Here are 5 reasons to jump at your next career fair opportunity.

  1. Discover More Companies in One Setting

Career fairs bring together many different companies, including those focused on business, legal, finance, and sometimes even government agencies and nonprofit organizations. When you get to talk to representatives from a variety of companies all at once, you can see what opportunities might be available to you. You can also compare and contrast to help you narrow down the kinds of companies you might like to work for. Talk to each representative and see who you gel with the most. You want to have a good feeling about any prospective company and the people who work there before you hand over your resume or ask about a possible interview.

  1. Perfect Your Elevator Pitch

Another benefit to career fairs is that you’ll have plenty of opportunity to perfect your elevator pitch. That’s the little snippet of conversation that let’s prospective employers know who you are and why you’d be a good hire. Talk to the company representative about what you might bring to the table. What makes you the right person for their company? Pitch your knowledge and training, but don’t forget to include your personality. Sometimes the candidate who gets hired is just the person they like better! And if you find a position or a company you like, make sure to let them know you want the job.

  1. Get to Know New Companies

Career fairs help you discover all the different kinds of jobs and companies there are out there. You might think you want to work as an administrative assistant in a big insurance company because you know there are lots of insurance companies where you live. But then you arrive at the career fair to discover there are all kinds of small companies in need of your skills. You may find companies that you’ve never even heard about or thought of, that could be the perfect fit for you. After you talk to some representatives, you could start to see a clearer path to your future.

  1. Take a Little Help

Of course you might be able to find a position on your own, but why not seize an opportunity wherever you can? There is a chance at these career fairs that companies will be seeking candidates for entry level jobs. Those positions can be a great way to start your career and work your way up. Some jobs will even offer training programs that are another tool to take advantage of. It could be that first step that leads to a great future with a company you could love.

  1. Learn to Network

If you’ve never been to a career fair, it can be intimidating to figure out how to navigate one. Just remember that you are there to get your face in people’s heads. Say hello to everyone, be polite, and smile. Dress nicely, but not too formal, and try as hard as you can be to be relaxed. Get connections at these events so that when you get home you can contact them and thank them for the time they spent with you at the fair. Take these steps, and you might open a door for yourself, if not today then maybe someday. You never know where your networking will lead.

Whether you are actively seeking a job, or just want to get your job search started, career fairs are a great place to get ideas. Be open minded to any career possibilities. At Career Quest Learning Centers, we often host career fairs. We also teach you how to polish your professional portfolio, look for jobs, and network. We have a variety of hands-on training programs in Business, Healthcare, Information Technology, and Paralegal Studies. Fill out the form to learn more now.


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