How to Find Career Training in Michigan


Since July 2009 the unemployment rate in Michigan has dropped from 14.5% to 4.7%. That means more people found a lot more jobs. And while it is great that less and less people are out of work, some of them may not be satisfied with where they are or what they’re doing. Are you? If you’re not, that means you’re probably the type of person who’s driven to improve your career and your life. That’s great! Employers want job candidates who are ambitious. They also like well-trained applicants. If you’re ready to commit to your career, get the training you need to succeed. Here’s how to find career training in Michigan.


Step 1: Know Your Career Path


Before you find training, find a career path you may want to go down. Think about what you’re already good at. Maybe you have great attention to detail and like business. Think about what you’d want to do. Maybe your dream career is to help others in a healthcare career. It’s about finding a career you could love and be good at! Once you have a general direction, you can make good use of resources like portals and databases to find training programs designed just for your field of choice in Michigan. It will also give you a better idea of specific training options, how much they cost, and if you qualify for financial aid.


Step 2: Conduct Online Searches


Use all the resources available to you. The State of Michigan provides users with a platform called Michigan Training Connect (MTC). MTC allows you to search through statewide training services by your selected occupation or industry, or the type of training you want. Enter in your search criteria and you will be given a list of program titles, descriptions, websites, admission requirements, duration, and more. You can also select and compare programs to figure out which one best fits your needs and interests.

The U.S. Department of Labor also has a training database called CareerOneStop. This will give you detailed information about different types of training (e.g., certifications, apprenticeships, college, professional development). Like MTC, CareerOneStop will then give you a list of program locations, names, and durations.


Step 3: Take a Talent Tour


If you find a training program but are still on the fence about enrolling, sign up to take one of Michigan’s Talent Tours. These give participants a behind-the-scenes look at organizations in industries such as healthcare and business. Through on-site visits, presentations, and discussions, Talent Tours give you a first-hand view of how companies operate and the skills you need in order to be successful in them. Talent Tours may give you an extra nudge to move forward with your training, or they may help you realize that you want to pursue a different career.

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