How These 4 Business Skills Will Help You Get Ahead

Business skills for getting ahead


If you are ready to jumpstart your career in business, you should know that the office environment is changing fast. Organizations do more work online. This means if you want to land a job in the business world, or do better at your current position, you need to learn some new skills to help you get ahead. It doesn’t matter if you look for opportunities at a small business or a large corporation, with these four skills you will be more likely to succeed and achieve your career goals.

1. Computer Skills

As a business administrator, assistant, or clerk, you need to be computer savvy. After all, it will be your responsibility to schedule appointments, maintain filing systems, do bookkeeping, and support staff. If you know your way around spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel, accounting software like QuickBooks, and desktop publishing platforms like Adobe, you will look like a computer wizard. Shortcuts that allow you to shift between multiple files, hide or create new cells, transpose data, and generate column values will show everyone that you’re an office pro.

2. Communication Skills

In the office you will be expected to interact with coworkers, supervisors, and possibly clients and customers. You need to communicate clearly and courteously. This will provide a positive work environment and a positive customer experience. Nowadays, communication also goes beyond just face-to-face. In emails or other forms of digital communication, it’s important that you have good grammar, accurate spelling, and that you use a professional tone.

3. Math Skills

Your computer may do a lot of math for you but you’ll still need to understand some basic arithmetic. You may be required to confirm receipts, support payroll, and produce reports or statements. Computers are accurate but they’ll be times you may need to confirm the numbers and make sure they’re right. If you brush up on your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and maybe even division, you will be in good shape.

4. Organizational Skills

When it comes to record keeping, organization is crucial. If you are asked to retrieve records or other data, they need to be stored and maintained so you can access them quickly and efficiently. If you schedule calls, meetings, and presentations, you will juggle multiple dates, times, and other related information. This kind of work ensures staff and the organization as a whole perform at an efficient and professional level. It is not enough that you can just do the job; you have to be able to do it well.


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