May Employees of the Month

Bay City campus is not currently accepting new enrollments.

Jenny ShumakerBusiness Instructor Jenny Shumaker has been with CQ Lansing for a little more than a year, and has brought much energy and excitement to our business program. She spends a lot of time working one-on-one with her students, outside of classroom hours. “Sitting in her classroom, it is very clear that she has a true passion for teaching others,” says Campus Manager Mollie Woodworth. “Jenny is 100% committed to helping her students reach their goals. She’s an amazing instructor and colleague, and a joy to be around.”

Megan Ely


Megan Ely is the ray of sunshine you’ll see at the front desk in Bay City. Always putting customer service and CQ students first, she creates a warm, welcoming environment for everyone who walks in. She’s always willing to jump in when needed, and especially loves interacting with CQ students. “Megan is such a pleasure to work with,” shared Campus Manager Cassie Ferrer. “She’s so eager to learn and committed to helping others, she never wants to leave her job. We appreciate her dedication.”


Jackson Administrative Assistant Nicole Rockwell is always willing to help anybody on campus and she’s on top of every task that is asked of her. She puts a lot of thought into everything she does, which truly shows when she finishes her projects. “She comes up with the most creative ideas for our boards on campus,” Kirchmeier shares. “She has made the Jackson campus look amazing, and her ideas provide great visuals for our students and guests. Keep up the great work Nicole!”


Administrative Assistant Emily Ross should be called Director of First Impressions for Mt. Pleasant. She always provides excellent customer service and her knowledge and experience help her provide students with the answers they seek. “Her positive attitude brings light to all the challenges she may face on a daily basis,” Campus Manager Shelby Dalgleish says. “We’re lucky to have her!”


“I would definitely recommend CQ to anyone who is looking to change career paths or looking to come back to school.”


“The type of student that would do well here is someone who is organized, dependable, motivated, hard-working with a great passion to take care of others.”