We Asked You To Bring Your Friends, And We Loved Meeting Them!

A Collage of Friends Visiting CareerQuest


Last month, we hosted a Bring a Friend to School Day across all of our Career Quest Learning Centers campuses and it was awesome! Not only did we get to meet the amazing family and friends who support you in your quest for a better life, but the accompanying photo contest was a lot of fun. We’d like to send out a great big congrats to contest winner Kaleigh P. from our Jackson campus. She brought a friend, snapped a picture and won a $100 Visa gift card.

“We were so happy for Kaleigh,” said Campus Manager Elizabeth Kirchmeier.

According to Elizabeth, the whole idea of Bring a Friend to School Day started because everyone at Career Quest agreed that as much as our faculty and staff care about our students’ success, there are probably a whole lot of other people who do, as well. 

“We get to know our students really well and what they’ve gone through to get where they are,” said Elizabeth. “They also let us know that their families and friends are often going through all of this with them. They have class and may have to miss out on social events because of homework. Their families are supporting them a ton so we wanted to open our doors to let them know how much we appreciate them.”

At the Lansing campus, Campus Manager Mollie Woodworth pointed out how important it is for students to have that support network. Some of our students go it alone to a large degree and we try to be a support system for them. But others have close friends and family who support them.

“We really want our students to have those cheerleaders when they come to school,” said Mollie. “We also know that students who have friends with them in school are more likely to succeed. That’s why we were excited that three of our students’ friends actually enrolled.”

Shelby Stockwell, Campus Manager of our Mt. Pleasant location said that she loves knowing that our students have people in their corner at home, but even if they don’t, “we’re here for them.”

“We really are an important part of their support system,” said Shelby. “I know I often have students stop by my office to check in and my job then is to just listen.”

Shelby said she also has graduates come back and say thanks.

Even students at our newest campus, Bay City, enjoyed the event.

According to Campus Manager Casandra Ferrer, there were friends and family, including lots of kids who wanted to see just where their parents went to school.

“Especially for us as a new campus, it’s important to spread the word about what we do,” said Cassie. She said that Career Quest is already being really well-received in the community and opening the doors to family and friends was a great idea.

And in case you were wondering just what was happening on these visits: A LOT. Friends got to check out classrooms and labs. There were activities and refreshments and just plain ‘ol fun!

If you’d like to learn more about Career Quest Learning Centers and our programs in Business, Healthcare, and Information Technology, fill out the form and we’ll be in touch. Or stop by campus and bring a friend!




“I feel like once I get out there in the field, I’d be prepared. And it’s Career Quest I can thank for that.”



"I love my job. I’ve never worked for a better employer ever. I would have never found this job without Career Quest.”