Tosha Squires: Putting Great Knowledge to Good Use

Tosha Squires, Careerquest Graduate and Registered Medical Assistant


Tosha Squires didn’t take a direct path toward her dream job, but she’s there now. And she says she never would have made it without all she learned at Career Quest Learning Centers.

“I guess my favorite part of my job is being able to put what I learned to use,” says Tosha. “I get to use all of what I learned in some way or another. But medical terminology was one of my favorite things I learned in school and now I use it on a regular basis. I have even dug up some of my old books when I have a question. It’s great to have a reference I can go back to.”

As a medical receptionist, Tosha is surrounded by that medical terminology every day. She says she’s thankful that she understands as much as she does so she can do her best to help the patients that come into the practice. Just from what they’re saying, Tosha often knows what patients need to be seen by which doctors and who needs to see someone right away.

Because Tosha is a registered medical assistant, she says she was able to find work right away.

“A medical background is preferred in this office,” says Tosha. “It definitely helped that I have my RMA [register medical assistant certification].”

Technically, Tosha didn’t actually apply for the job she has. She had a great reputation at Career Quest as a successful and determined student and her resume was all set to go. So when Brooke from Career Services found out about a job opening at Midland Family Physicians PC, she knew Tosha would be a perfect match and forwarded her credentials along. Tosha was glad she did but when she didn’t hear back right away, Tosha took the initiative and gave the practice a call. What a smart move! That decision brought her name to the top of the list. She got an interview and they offered her the job. She finished her externship on a Thursday and was hired for the very next Monday.

Not everything went that easily for Tosha, though. She’d tried school before as a pharmacy major. But after three different universities in three different states, she knew it just wasn’t working out. And when she got pregnant, she really wasn’t sure what was going to happen. But she didn’t give up. Her daughter was only six weeks old when she went back to work and school. Her parents were a great help, but the combination of being an employee, a parent, and a student was a lot!

Still Tosha made it through her first mod. And then the next and the next. She was even named a Mt. Pleasant student of the month. According to Tosha, it was a combination of her own hard work and a lot of support from her family and the people at Career Quest.

“My favorite teacher was definitely Spencer Moore,” says Tosha. “I’m left-handed so learning some things were harder—like blood draws. But Spencer was more than willing to help me figure out how I had to do it my way.”

Tosha says that everyone at Career Quest was really nice.

“I loved the entire staff, especially here at Mt. Pleasant,” says Tosha. “They’re all great. We still keep in touch. They really do turn into like this other family you have. I can’t disconnect from them.”

And since Tosha lives close to the campus, she doesn’t have to. She still stops by, says hi, and lets them all see how much her daughter has grown.

“And I always offer to help. I do work a lot, but I’d like to give back and help someone succeed in the program like I did,” says Tosha.  “It might not be for everyone, but Career Quest is definitely 100 percent worth checking out.”

Whether you want to check out the Medical Assistant program, another healthcare program or something else entirely, drop by one of our four campuses in Michigan: Lansing, Jackson, Bay City, and Mt. Pleasant. A great new career could be waiting for you!




"I thought, why not go back to school and be able to help a family, give them that comfort that I received?"


“By the time you’re done, you will have the confidence that you can go out there in the field and do what you need to do.”