Expanding to Fill a Need

Mt. Pleasant Expansion

We opened the Mt. Pleasant campus in late 2016 to respond to the area’s need for more trained healthcare professionals. “We had been talking to healthcare employers for about a year before opening, to learn more about their needs and how we could help fill them,” explained CQLC President Melissa Soderberg. “Our research showed that there was a high demand for healthcare support in the Mt. Pleasant area and most of the other schools have long waiting periods, so that’s what we started with.”

In the last year and a half, we have helped more than 250 students learn the skills they need to provide support to area physicians and healthcare facilities through our Medical Assistant, Certified Nurse Aide and Medical Office Administration programs.

Since then, the Mt. Pleasant area has also seen increasing demands for employees with admin and computer skills, so it became apparent the campus needed to expand.

“Business and technology are continually evolving so it’s important for our students and area employers, that we evolve with them,” explained Campus Manager Shelby Dalgleish. “We spent some time talking to our Advisory Board members and area employers to hone in on exactly which skills were needed and decided it made the most sense to start offering Network Administration and Administrative Assistant at the Mt. Pleasant campus.”

Conveniently enough, the building next door recently became available, so we’ve spent much of the summer working on the physical renovation, while also preparing the campus for the new programs, which will kick off right after Labor Day.

“We’re very happy that we’re able to provide more educational opportunities for our students, while also supplying more highly-skilled employees for the local workforce,” Dalgleish said. “It has also created a whole new dynamic on campus, by being able to expand beyond just the medical side of things.”

If you’re interested in a tour of the new campus, give our admissions team a call at 989-817-4431.



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