You're Not Done: What You Need to Do After the Job Interview

A person following up after a job interview


Do you think you just nailed that interview? Fantastic! But don’t just sit around waiting to hear back. Here are 5 proactive tips on what to do after your interview:

1) Take Down Contact Information and Next Steps

Before you leave the interview, make sure to ask about the rest of the process. See what the interviewer’s timeline is for getting in touch with you and other job candidates. Will they contact everyone or people who have passed the first test? If you know a bit more about what to expect, you can reduce some of the anxiety you may feel about the hiring process. Also, make sure to keep track of everyone you interacted with throughout the interview process and get their contact information so that you can follow up. Get emails and addresses and send thank-you notes after the interview. A well-written note always makes a good impression on potential employers.


2) Write Up an Interview Summary

Immediately after the interview, take down some notes while what just happened is fresh in your mind. Include the questions you were asked and your answers. This will serve as a record of how your interview went and can also be a resource if you are asked in for a second interview. It’s also helpful to list anything that you wish you had said to your interviewer but didn’t. This way, if you get a follow-up interview, you can be sure to share your good ideas during that second opportunity. A summary will also give you details to address in any follow up communication.


3) Follow Up

Sometimes, decisions about positions are made fairly quickly so it is important to send a follow up email as soon as you can, preferably the same day or the day after your interview. You want to make sure that your interviewers remember you. Send a short email that includes a thank you for the opportunity to meet, a statement on why you think you are a good fit for the position, and any additional information that may address areas of concern. If you’ve met with several interviewers, change up the language in each email. Don’t copy and paste from one email recipient to the next. It’s also a nice touch to mention something that you talked about during the interview. Finally, don’t forget to ask for the job. How will they know your level of interest if you don’t tell them?


4) Connect Online

Look beyond the job you’re currently interviewing for and connect with people from the company on LinkedIn. Try to find some common ground based off something that occurred in your interview and add that message in your connection request. You could create a long-term relationship with the interviewer even if you don’t get this immediate position. They may take an interest in your career and consider you for another opportunity or just allow you to keep in touch for career advice and suggestions.


5) Notify Your References

If you offered references during your interview, be sure to remind the people who are willing to provide them. Let them know that they might expect a contact and give them some information about your interview. You don’t want your references to feel like they are getting calls out of the blue.


These are just some helpful tips towards landing you that job you have your eye on. If you want to further your current career or make a change, contact Career Quest Learning Centers today to learn more about our programs in Healthcare, IT, and Business. We have four Michigan campuses: Lansing (877-481-4930), Jackson (877-365-8144), Mt. Pleasant (877-345-8505), and Bay City (877-305-9991).





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