3 Ways You'll Benefit from Help Desk Simulations

Help desk simulation preparing IT specialists


It seems like people only notice IT when systems crash and things fall apart. Whether you’re a customer using an at-home laptop or a worker at a large company, you want your technology to work with you instead of against you. That’s why help desks are so helpful!

If you’ve ever considered work as an IT Help Desk Specialist, one of the best ways you can prep is through help desk simulation. It introduces all the what-ifs you might encounter when dealing with an actual customer. It can help you help others and make you feel more confident doing so.

Here are three ways you’ll benefit from help desk simulations:


1.Try it Out

One of the best things about simulations is that you get to test the waters in a safe environment. This is really helpful with practice for face-to-face or telephone interactions. Many simulations will allow you to get the feel of speaking to pretend customers. This background work can make you feel more at ease when you face your first few actual help desk situations. Simulations also let you test out new ideas and approaches before you try them on an actual job. In a typical simulation, you may need to log an incident report, take action, escalate to supervisors when necessary, report what you’ve done and close out the incident with a report. All those steps let you practice what you’ll do in the event of an actual incident so you’ll be more comfortable with the software and the customers. Many software simulations teach you about problem management by linking past issues for a given customer to their current ones. Learning how to navigate this technology will mean less waiting for the customer, and less work on your part.


2. Learn Quickly

Experts have discovered that simulation sessions help teach users more quickly than other training methods. Simulations have what’s known as a higher time-to-impact ratio, which means they’re more effective more quickly. Simulations allow you to learn something and put it to almost immediate use; it’s a great shortcut. And because you learn by doing, even if it’s only pretend, you’re more likely to retain what you learn. Simulations also let you to practice until you get it and repetition is the key to mastery.


3. Make Meaningful Behavior Changes in Individuals and Organizations

Simulations show what does and doesn’t work and they do it in a way that makes a lasting impression. Instead of delivering a momentary change in behavior followed by reverting to the norm, you are able to leave simulation sessions with more of a drive to deliver the best customer service you can. A lot can be learned from mistakes. When you have a safe place to make them without consequences for an actual customer, it benefits you and the company you work for. Also, whatever mistakes are made during simulations can highlight what employees need to learn and what companies and schools need to teach.


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