5 IT Careers You Can Get Without a Four-Year Degree

An IT repair technician changing settings on server rack


Who says you need a college degree to make a decent living? People make a common mistake when they think that if you don’t have a bachelor’s degree, you’ll be stuck in a minimum wage job for the rest of your life. There are actually many careers you can build without a four-year degree—even in information technology. Check out a few now:


IT Help Desk Support

An entry-level position is a great place to begin an IT career. If you have an interest or are skilled with computers, an IT Help Desk Support role could be a great option for you. As an IT Help Desk Support Specialist, you’d be the go-to person for tech issues. While you’ll most likely answer calls, you might also offer support in-person or online. You’ll need to be able to think of solutions on your feet, handle worried and upset customers, and have a willingness to learn. As you train for the role, you’ll want lots of hands-on experiences at an actual help desk or through simulations. Eventually, you’ll be an expert in the role and ready to take on more responsibilities. Where could this take you?


IT Repair Technician/ Hardware Technician

As an IT repair technician, you’d install computers and systems and perform regular maintenance. You’d need to know all about all the tech components, including hardware, software, networks, and systems. You’d need to know about configuration, routine maintenance, and how to troubleshoot when things aren’t working the way they should. Another important part of your job would be to make sure system backups are in place. Even something as simple as a power outage can be a big deal if a solid backup system isn’t in place. You could lose all your company’s data!


Call Center Support Technician

Similar to both a hardware technician and a help desk support specialist, a support technician at a call center gets into the nitty gritty with computers. But instead of working at a physical help desk, you’d work to troubleshoot problems via screen sharing and customer service calls. You would assist computer users by answering their questions, resolving their technical problems and possibly maintaining their individual or company network, software, and equipment. If you’ve ever had someone remotely take over your own computer, you probably understand that this is a lot of responsibility—and priceless to the person who has a computer crash in the middle of a presentation.


Network Administration

Network admins are responsible for the day-to-day operation of a company’s networks. In this role, you’d organize, install, and support your organization’s computer systems. This would include local area networks, wide area networks, network segments, intranets, and all other data communication systems. Network administration offers you entry-level opportunity to begin and grow your career. If you are interested in a new world of possibility, get the skills you need to start with an Associate Degree in Network Administration. A good program will prepare you for your exams to become certified as a Network Administrator and provide you with skills to find a position in the IT field.


Cyber Security Analyst

There a plenty of companies with open entry level positions in the cyber security field. In fact, according to Cyber Security Ventures, the cybersecurity unemployment rate is zero!1 As an entry level or junior cyber security analyst, you would handle tasks like reviewing logs, navigating network settings, and preparing basic testing. If you find you have a knack for cybersecurity, there’s no telling where you might go in this in-demand field.


Just because you don’t have a four-year degree doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck doing the same dead-end job your whole life. These are just a few of your options in the IT field. If you have any questions about getting started in IT or want to learn more about our programs, please visit us at Career Quest Learning Centers, today!


1 https://cybersecurityventures.com/cybersecurity-unemployment-rate/




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