5 Ways to Become a More Effective Administrative Assistant

Administrative assistant her Office


Employers look for certain attributes in Administrative Assistants. Do you have them? Whether you already work in the field or hope to, check out these 5 tips to help you become a more effective Administrative Assistant.


1. Improve Your Communication Skills

You’ll probably be the first person visitors encounter when they come into the office. You’re the face of the organization! Smile and be pleasant and make sure you pay attention. Excellent communication skills will help you meet the needs of your customers and supervisors. You’ll need to answer questions, communicate concerns, and relay important information. In addition to verbal communication skills, you’ll need to have good written communication skills whenever you reply to emails or send out correspondence. Excellent communication needs are an important measure of an Administrative Assistant’s ability to do a great job.


2. Get Organized

How organized you are as an individual could affect the organization of the entire office. You will have to find documents and file quickly, as well as take notes, email, and keep up with phone calls. You are also most likely the person who handles everyone’s schedule and keeps everyone on task. Find an organizational system that works well for you, your executives and your staff so that everyone is on the same page and everything runs smoothly. Some people find to-do lists and reminder apps that keep them on track and on time with all they have to do. What works for you?


3. Know Your Apps

Knowledge of programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook are a must when you work as an Administrative Assistant. Familiarize yourself with these programs before you start; they’ll help improve your efficiency and effectiveness. Even if you already know these applications, try to improve your skills. For example, if you learn to make an awesome PowerPoint, you could be the go-to person for the sales team when they go out on pitches. And make sure you have a good grasp of whatever programs your company uses that may be specific to your industry. Knowledge is power for your career.


4. Be the Office Equipment Expert

It is important to any office that computers, copiers and fax machines are always operational. As an Administrative Assistant, it is your job to keep the equipment in good working order. No, you won’t be performing the repairs, but if something breaks down, you’ll need to have it repaired and make sure it’s done in a timely manner so that it doesn’t halt the entire work day. You should also keep a close eye on your inventory of office supplies that everyone uses regularly and reorder when necessary to keep things running smoothly.


5. Always be Professional

Remember that you are in the office to do a job and you need to take your role as Administrative Assistant seriously. Maintain a professional manner. Respect your fellow employees and don’t share confidential information about your company or its workers. Also, everyone loves a team player. Show your commitment to your position and to your company in general and you will shine.


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