Happy Thanksgiving from All of Us at Career Quest

Delicious Thanksgiving turkey at Career Quest

Last week’s graduations at the Lansing and Jackson campuses reminded us once again why we do what we do. We truly believe that the education we provide our students can change their lives—and we see evidence of it every day. And for that we are eternally thankful.

So when a graduate gives some credit to her hard-won successes in her business career to Career Quest, we’re thankful. We knew Andrea Smith was driven, smart, and able—even if she didn’t quite believe it herself.

 “Before Career Quest, I didn’t think I was intelligent,” said Andrea.

Valarie Kirchner reminded us that students learn much from our excellent faculty, but they also learn from each other. And you know what? We learn a lot from our students too!

 “The teachers are cool and understanding. They make me feel comfortable so I’m not afraid to raise my hand and ask for help,” says Valarie. “And in class, it feels like a real community where we learn from each other. On group projects, we work together and get to know all the people in the classroom. Not everyone is always going to be perfect at everything. We know that. We help each other so we can succeed as a team.”

We do try to create an environment where all our students feel welcome and at home. Roseta Martinez connected early and it led to success in and out of the classroom. She says Career Quest is like family. We feel the same way. And our students are the members of the family for whom we’re most grateful.

“From the first time I walked through the door, it felt right. It felt calm,” says Rosie. “There wasn’t much of a support system at community college, but everyone here was nice and supportive. I love how they don’t give up on you. Really it’s almost like you’re around a big family who loves you and wants you to succeed.”

Tosha Squires said the same and proves it every time she stops by to visit us with her little girl. Her daughter has grown so much in the short time we’ve known Tosha and we’re thankful to be a part of both their lives.

“They really do turn into like this other family you have. I can’t disconnect from them.”

Our students are amazing. Instructor Jenny Shumaker connects with her students because she really, really believes in their potential. She notes that “there are so many of them who are just hungry for a change. They’ve faced some obstacles in their lives. Now they need someone to show them what’s possible and help them build some confidence.”

Among the people who are ready to show students just what’s possible are our Campus Presidents. Here’s what they’re thankful for:


Mollie Woodworth (Lansing/Jackson):

I feel incredibly thankful and blessed to be able to work with such an outstanding group of employees and students. They bring me so much joy and motivate me every day to be the best I can be.



Shelby Dalgleish (Mt. Pleasant)

I am thankful for the amazing team we have here at Mt. Pleasant Campus. The students that walk through these doors are some of the most caring and compassionate people I have ever met. I am thankful you all have walked into the Career Quest doors and are truly making an impact on our community. 


Cassandra Ferrer (Bay City):

I’m thankful for the opportunity to finally see our first group of externs go out into the field - we’ll have our first Bay City graduates in December! I am thankful for having such a caring staff that goes above and beyond to help our students, as well as a faculty that truly values the mission we have here at Career Quest. Furthermore, I am thankful for my family and our new puppy, Arya.


To the entire Career Quest community, we wish you, your family and your friends a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. We’re thankful for you!


Career Quest has been such a great experience for me. From staff to students, I have gained some awesome people in my life. I am forever grateful.


“I feel like once I get out there in the field, I’d be prepared. And it’s Career Quest I can thank for that.”